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Workshops for Children

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We organize ad-hoc thematic workshops for children which integrate reading and writing with enquiry-based science activities. 

Children work together in our workshop and practice social skills like teamwork, turn-taking, sharing and appreciating others.

Christmas Workshop

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We organized a workshop for 6 to 8 year olds 20 days before Christmas.  The children became Junior Detectives to find the culprit who stole Santa's red sack. In this action-packed session, the children collaborated in teams to examine the crime scene, develop hypotheses, and study the suspects’ profiles. They read instructions and performed experiments at four stations to verify the truth of the suspects’ statements. 


After tea-break, each child customized a spray dyed sling bag and brought home another $18 worth of Christmas-themed crafts plus a DIY storybook about the mystery they solved.

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