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Upcoming workshop

Building Blocks: Early Literacy @ Home

Are your children obsessed with screens? Are they spending too much time on devices? Are you searching for ways to tune-in to your child and to engage him productively, even for just 15 minutes a day? Do you want to give your toddler’s language skills a boost, and to help her build her reading foundations for the schooling years ahead?

First Run: 13th March, Friday 11am-12pm@Harbourfront Library

Participation Fee: Free of charge


Building a strong foundation during the early childhood years – from birth to age 5 – goes a long way for your child's long-term learning success. Parents who are busy with work or caring for multiple children, and who wish to supplement what your child learns at pre-school may find it challenging to gather the appropriate learning resources to guide your child beneficially. We will be conducting workshops to equip parents to optimize the development of your children’s emerging literacy (pre-reading) skills in engaging, non-digital ways. 


Participation in the workshop is limited to a maximum of 85 caregiver/parent-child pairs; children should be aged 1-3. 


Attendees will be given a free take-home kit worth $65. 


Through this 1-hour parent-child workshop, you will practice using the carefully curated toys and book in each kit to optimize the development of your child’s reading abilities, as well as his/her fine motor, visual and memory skills.  Topics covered include: 

  • Shared book reading

  • Enhancing vocabulary

  • Building early phonological awareness



Parents or caregivers with children between the ages of 1 and 3.


Hsin-Ee is a mother of 3 active boys and a co-founder of Learning Vessels, a social enterprise dedicated to providing intervention-based educational programmes and products for different learning needs. She has experience developing a curriculum, testing methods and teaching materials for early learning programmes, and regularly conducts training for youth and adult volunteers. Hsin-Ee is trained in supporting children with reading and math difficulties. 


Building Blocks is a pilot programme by Learning Vessels and Temasek Foundation Nurtures that aims to empower parents of 0- to 3-year old children with evidence-based, best practices in parenting. 

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How to teach your child to read and to love reading!

Caregivers with children 4-7 years

Practical Hands-On Workshops

Are you curious about phonics? Or wondering if there are other ways to teach your child to read? 

Our workshop will give you an

  • introduction to how children learn to read

  • overview of phonics and different phonics programmes

  • understanding of teaching reading through phonics vs a whole language approach

  • how to get your children excited to read stories with you

  • practical exercises, using home-based materials, that you can do with your children to help them learn to read

  • online resources, for those who want more

We will also give each attendee a  take-home busy bag to get you started on your home-based reading journey.