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Workshops for Caregivers

For caregivers of children age 4 to 7 - is your child struggling to read independently? We will have hands-on workshops to share our experience and practical teaching methods with parents who want to be empowered to teach their children to read at their own pace.

Do check out our WORKSHOPS FOR PARENTS to know more. 


We organize ad-hoc thematic workshops for children which integrate reading and writing with enquiry-based science activities. Take a look at our WORKSHOPS FOR CHILDREN to see pictures from our recent Christmas workshop. 


Workshops for Volunteers 

We regularly train volunteers in our Early Learning Programme on Reading Foundations, Phonics & Whole Word Teaching Strategies, as well as Manipulative-based Numeracy and Child Management.  We will be glad to customize a training programme for volunteers in other Literacy/Reading programmes. 


Contact us to share your needs.

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