Word Reading/Blending to Read Bundle

This set consists of 4 Powerpoint-based activities that you can use at home on your computers with your child, or for online classes using Zoom/Google Meet/Skype by sharing screens with your student. 


Upon purchasing this set, you will get access to these files:

  1. Word Family – an animated set of slides for blending Word Family words like -at, ig, en, -op, -ug words. Pictures representing the word will be ‘revealed’ after the child has tried to read a word correctly. 

  2. Blending e-board – we created this tool to mimic our magnetic foam letters! It consists of a virtual whiteboard with movable letters colour-coded blue for consonants and red for vowels. This tool allows you to form words for the child to blend to read. The movable letters can also be manipulated by the child. 

  3. Blending games – We assembled four of our blending board games and created a virtual version. You can run a virtual dice, move game pieces and read words that you land on.

  4. Magic ‘e’ exercises – a set of slides for teaching the “Magic e” rule. The slides show how a CVC (Consonant-Sound-Consonant) word changes when a Magic ‘e’ is placed at the back of the word. 


These exercises have been tested and approved by preschoolers 😊 and are suitable for children who know the letter sounds and are beginning to blend to read. 


A total of 27 slides of activities.

Word Reading/Blending to Read Bundle



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