visual graphing activity visual discrimination

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This activity was developed primarily for teaching form constancy (ability to recognize an object when viewed in different environments) and visual discrimination skills. Children have to pay attention to changes in details in order to complete the activity.


Each set includes 4 graphing activities, with each activity consisting of 3 different animals in 5 different settings (15 cards to be sorted and graphed per set). Every card has been velcroed by hand so that cards can be "stuck" on the graph, held in place and removed for re-use. Can be used for Occupational Therapy.


Set contains:

- 4 graphing activities (A4 sized)

- 60 velcroed cards (4cmx4cm)


Material: 310gsm card paper with a laminated finish, rounded corners


✅visual discrimination ✅visual closure ✅ forms constancy


Product is packed in a transparent zip file.

Suitable for age 4 and above.

Visual Graphing


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