Sound sorting/Phonemic Awareness Bundle

This set consists of 3 Microsoft Powerpoint-based activities that you can use at home on your computer with your child, or for online classes using Zoom/Google Meet/Skype by sharing screens with your student. 


Upon purchasing this set, you will get access to these files:

  1. Sound Sorting – Vowels

  2. CVC (Consonant-Sound-Consonant) Sounds Sorting

  3. Sound Sorting - Long & Short Vowels 


The Sound Sorting (Vowels) exercises will require the child to identify the correct vowel sounds in words, represented by pictures, and then sort the pictures accordingly.


The CVC Sounds Sorting exercise will require the child to:

- identify the starting and ending sound of words and move arrows to the letters that make these sounds 

- identify the correct middle vowel sounds of words and move the correct vowel into a middle box. 


These exercises have been tested and approved by preschoolers 😊 and are suitable for children who are already familiar with the alphabet and letter sounds. 

A total of 31 slides of activities.

Sound sorting/Phonemic Awareness Bundle



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