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The Peg Board Set is a teaching tool loved by mothers and occupational therapists! These fun toddler toys can be used for home schooling, in Montessori schools, or early childhood development. The oversized pegs are easy for small fingers to grasp for pegging on the peg board or for stacking to build towers. A lacing string has been provided so that the pegs can also be used as lacing beads. Can be used by children as young as 18 months, but with adult supervision.


Set includes:

- 30 pegs in 6 colours

- 1 foam colour dice

- 1 orange peg board

- Lacing string (warning: entanglement risk - to be used with adult supervision only)

- Skoolzy drawstring bag

- Downloadable guide


Also take a look at our set of Colour Pattern Cards, designed for versatile use with the Skoolzy Peg Board Set.


✅fine motor skills

✅hand eye coordination

✅visual perception skills

✅visual motor coordination


Suitable for age 18 months and above.

Peg Board Set

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