Skoolzy Nuts & Bolts

Kids aged 18 months and up can use their fine motor muscles to screw and unscrew these large plastic nuts and bolts. Only shapes that match can be screwed together, This set improves manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, color recognition and pairing, shape sorting, and can increase attention and focus. Create games and activities with these nuts and bolts to create a fun and exciting way to learn!


Suitable for use for occupational therapy, or in preschools and homeschools.



- 24 pieces (12 pairs)

- 6 colours

- Skoolzy drawstring bag


✅manual dexterity

✅hand-eye coordination

✅color recognition and pairing

✅shape sorting

✅increases attention and focus


Suitable for age 18 months and above.

Skoolzy Nuts & Bolts



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