Skoolzy Primary Toddler Lacing Beads

The large and chunky beads in this set make it an ideal first stringing set for your toddler. The jumbo beads are easy for little hands to grasp and handle, and have been designed to introduce lacing activities to young children. This toy helps to develop fine motor skills, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination. The beads can be used on their own for shape and color sorting, or can be arranged to form figures.


Can be used starting from aged 2, with adult supervision.



- 36 large beads in 7 colours

- 4 lacing strings (warning: to be used with adult supervision in case of entanglement)

- Skoolzy drawstring bag

- Downloadable guide


✅trains fine motor skills ✅hand-eye coordination ✅dexterity


Suitable for age 2 and above.

⚠️ Entanglement risk - use under adult's supervision

Skoolzy Primary Toddler Lacing Beads



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