skoolzy peg button art singapore

The oversized button art peg set is great for developing small fine motor skills & hand-eye coordination as they push and snap. Use this learning toy to develop and strengthen visual perception skills, pincer grasp and visual motor coordination. The pegs can also be used for making patterns as well as basic math including addition, subtraction, color sorting, matching & more! Suitable for children 1-5 years of age (adult supervision required for toddlers) and can be used for Montessori, occupational therapy and autism games.


Set includes:

- 48 jumbo peg buttons

- 12 colour matching pictures

- 1 peg board with stand

- Downloadable activity guide


✅fine motor skills

✅hand-eye coordination

✅suitable for children with autism


Suitable for age 18 months and above.

Skoolzy Peg Button Art



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