learn a to z activity book set

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Recommended for children ages 3 and above.


Grab this set where in addition to the Learn Aa to Zz Book, you’ll also get the accessories needed to work on the activities in the book!



The book is reproducible for use in the home or classroom. The exercises provide a variety of ways for the child to learn the English alphabets.


The exercises are suitable for those who are still learning the alphabet but do not know how to write them yet. It trains various visual perceptual, visual motor and fine motor skills.


The activities contained in this book are:


Letter Wheel Aa to Zz

A set of letter recognition craft exercises that requires the child (with help from you) to cut, assemble and identify target capital or small letters by hole punching or pasting stickers on the matching letters.


Dot the Letters Aa to Zz

A set of letter recognition worksheets where the child looks for the target letter and either dot, stamp or colour them. Introduce vocabulary and talk about spelling with the picture words in the bottom section.


Cut and Paste the Letters Aa to Zz

A set of worksheets to help the child recognize the target letter in different fonts. It helps in building print awareness and fine motor skills.



Set contains:

  • Learn Aa to Zz Book (reproducible)

  • Single-hole puncher

  • Dot stickers

  • Paper fasteners

  • Chop

Learn Aa To Zz Set



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