Fun Brain Exercises

Produced by Learning Vessels LLP.


Is your child struggling with handwriting, reading or following instructions? “Fun Brain Exercises” aims to train your child’s fine motor, visual and auditory skills with a range of exercises, all in one book!  It also includes combination exercises that require higher-level skills like sequence recall and following multi-step auditory instructions. 


This book consists of:


Fine Motor & Sequencing Exercises

Gets the child to name, colour, cut and paste according to a numerical sequence. 


Visual Discrimination Exercises

‘Spot the Difference’ activities in black and white, and colour, with an ascending level of difficulty.  Allows the child to practise visual discrimination skills including figure-ground discrimination and visual-spatial discrimination.


Auditory and Visual Exercises (Following Instructions)
“I Spy” activities in full colour which require the child to find and label objects that are verbally described.


Combined Exercises (Fine Motor, Visual and Auditory)

These exercises require the child to use a combination of skills and trains his/her auditory attention and memory, and visual-spatial orientation. 


Suitable for age 5 and above.

Fun Brain Exercises



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