Pre-Primer Flash Cards Singapore

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Comes in 2 sizes:

A7 size - 7.4cm (W) x 10.5cm (L)

A6 size - 10.5cm (W) x 14.8cm (L) 


Material: 300gsm card paper with a laminated finish, rounded corners

Product is packed in a transparent zip bag.


Suitable for age 5 and above, though we hear of parents using these flash cards for babies!


This set consists of the 40 words of the Pre-Primer Dolch List with left to right arrows (for children that tend to read in reverse). Refer to picture for the word list.


📹Ways to use Sight Word Cards -

Dolch – Pre-Primer, 40 words

  • The Dolch List was compiled based on the frequency of words appearing in text encountered by children at different grade levels. There are a total of 220 words grouped into 5 grade levels.


    Eg. the Pre-Primer list provides the 40 words that children in Kindergarten Year 1 (K1) are likely to encounter in text that they are exposed to. The Primer list of 52 words are for children in Kindergarten Year 2 (K2), the First Grade list of 41 words are for children in Primary 1 and so on.


    Children who can recognize these words by sight should be able to read more fluently. The cards have been designed for flashing of these words and playing of simple games to aid in memorizing of each word’s shape.


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