DIY Letter Cards Singapore

Produced by Learning Vessels LLP.


Make your own letter cards to teach sequencing, recognition and matching the capital and small letters of the English alphabet. You can also form words for reading. We have chosen a clean font with no extra squiggles and differentiation between M and W as well as b, p and q.  Also included are a set of capital and small vowels in red (including y as a vowel) and blanks for customization.  

Just print and cut - laminating is recommended but optional.  Comes with picture ideas for how the cards can be used. 

DIY Letter Cards (PDF)

  • You will get a downloadable PDF which you can print on card paper or normal paper (for lamination) and then cut out into individual letter cards. We have sized each card to be about 8cm (length) by 5cm (width) after printing and cutting. 

    Comes with:
    - Capital A to Z
    - Small a to z
    - Vowels (A,E,I,O,U,Y and a,e,i,o,u,y) in red

    - 9 blanks for customization


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