We have put together a set of colourful animal pieces and two big tweezers to make a kit for counting, sorting, as well as introduction of colours, numbers and patterns, all while training the child's pincer grip and hand-eye coordination at the same time. Also included are a list of suggested activities as well as a reproducible/reusable sorting and counting activity sheet.


2 options:

1) Bear counters (50 pcs in 5 colours, 10 of each colour) *please note that our current instocks has a '#3' printed on the bears' tummy (refer to the 2nd to 4th images)

2) Animal counters (50 pcs in 5 colours, 5 different types of animals - alligator, bear, cat, dog, turtle) *temporarily out of stock*


Set includes:

- 50 counters

- 2 big tweezers

- A sorting and counting activity sheet (reproducible/reusable)


✅visual discrimination

✅fine motor skills

✅hand-eye coordination


⚠️ Choking hazard - not for children 3 years and under or any individuals who have the tendency to place inedible objects in their mouth.


Suitable for age 4 and above.

Animal Counters & Big Tweezers


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