Alphabet Flashcard Singapore

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These flash cards come with letters in a clear and large font, as well as pictures with the letter's starting sound (hard consonant and short vowel sounds). Great for teaching letter names and sounds in a solo or group setting.


Comes in 2 versions (choose 1):

- Aa to Zz with helping words

- a to z (small letters) with no helping words


Size: A6 - 10.5cm (W) x 14.8cm (H)

Material: 300gsm card paper with a laminated finish, rounded corners

Product is packed in a transparent zip bag.

Suitable for age 3 and above.


📹 Watch this video that we have created here to show the hand actions that you can do while teaching these cards, making it easier for children to remember the letters and phonic sounds.

Do also take a look at our vowel sound video here which you can teach using these same cards.

A to Z Flash Cards (A6)



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