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2019 Wrap Up!

The year end is just around the corner and we would like to look back at 2019 before it runs into 2020! From new workshops to rebranding our identity, it has indeed been a busy year for us, and it will be even more so next year with many new things coming up (will elaborate on this at the end of the article!). So, here’s our 2019 in summary…


We held several workshops for children aged 6 to 8 year olds this year in collaboration with our Early Learning Programme (ELP) charity partners – Science, Terrarium and Short Film Making.

Thanks to the PYI Initiative’s donors, we were able to run a total of 8 workshops this year. We are also thankful for the volunteers of our charity partners – HSCDC, Faith Acts and PFS - for their working hands on with the children during our workshops. Our strenuous preparations for each workshop were paid off upon seeing the children’s positive responses to the activities that we’d developed for them, and hearing that they continue to use the bags they made, or take care of the plants in their terrarium weeks after the workshop!

Would you like to sign up your children/students for a workshop? Read up more on our workshops here or contact us for any enquiries!

Or are you interested to join us as a volunteer for our ELP programme? Know more about it here!


If you have been following our updates on our Facebook, Instagram or website, you would have realized that we recently changed our logo! Our previous logo was done on powerpoint and so with me as a visual designer on board, we decided it was time for a more modern and professional logo to be made.

And if you don’t already know, 2019 also marks the first year that we started running the e-shop on our website. (psst, there’s several new items coming in next year and we’re excited for that!!)

Product Display

Recently in November, we had the opportunity to display our products at the Early Childhood Literacy Conference 2019 held by Preschool Market. Despite the very short 20 minutes that the attendees were able to walk around and take a look at our booth, I was beyond thrilled to see people crowding around and showing interest in our products! Being a new and humble start-up, it was overwhelming to see the amount of interest we received. We apologise to those who did not have the opportunity to enquire more on the spot due to the people in front of you ): However, we are so so grateful for the support.

What’s happening in 2020??

Since we are still in the current year, we don’t want to spoil any suprises by going too in-depth about our plans for next year, but here’s a sneak peek!

We are going to have our first offline pop-up very soon, and will be launching new products (as I mentioned earlier in my excitement)! Also, a project that the team has been labouring on will be launched next year too so do look out for that!

We are giving out more updates to those who have subscribed to our newsletter, so subscribe by clicking here to receive the exclusive updates (and benefits!)

Signing off, Farah (no longer just an intern :D)


About the Author

Farah is our graphic designer. If you are talking to her and she seems to be staring into blank space, she's probably thinking about any of her design works to improve on.


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