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Why did you decide to join Building Blocks?

I’m very interested in supporting my child, supporting any child for that matter, because I used to be a teacher. I personally believe that learning is very important, especially reading, literacy and really supporting the child through the foundation stage of getting certain concepts right. But I needed support from an external source, like what I received in the programme, because I’m also new as a parent.

How was your experience with

Building Blocks?

I think this programme set the stage for us to start trying and putting things into practice, to get into a routine.  Things then slowly expanding from there - like I got more materials to purposefully help my son and to stimulate his interests. I think this laid the foundation for him, to know what is going to happen and what he can expect to do.

Currently, he is still playing with the kit items that were provided, such as the pegs and the story books!

For the cards, he will try to read it but of course, he cannot really verbalise it. We had to dramatise with him - for instance, J for jump. It was interesting to see what kind of interpretation works for him.

I think the videos provided were also very useful guides on what to try with my child.

This is something very memorable for me and my boy because we were having fun. Initially we were anxious about how the programme would work out, but after that it became a routine and we had a lot of fun, so it made us closer, definitely.


Revathy's family!

What are some creative ways of using the Early Literacy Starter Kit?

He used the pegs to build a tower,

and he was hooked on it!

Any advice for future participants?

Usually, we are all busy with our normal lives - running here and there, settling our work. So we kind of forget to take time to really sit down and look at our child, see what he/she is doing and engage with him/her, putting aside everything else. 

I think Building Blocks helps you by giving you resources to try out with your child. I think it helps you to be more ready to engage your child and to kick start the process. Even though it’s just 15-20mins, it’ll make a difference.

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