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How was your experience with 

Building Blocks? 

The kit provided was quite fun, with the puzzles and also the fishing set which help to train his motor skills. For the peg board set, he actually used it not only in the usual way (for counting), but also for stacking!

What are some creative ways of using

the Early Literacy Starter Kit?

After using the fishing set, when we do actual cooking, he will come to help out too. He actually helps me to throw chopped up food into the pot. Sometimes when he sees me cutting food, he’ll bring the fishing set to the floor next to me and start to play with it!


Personal thoughts

about Building Blocks?

I think it is quite an interesting way to learn. The kit items may just be simple toys but the kids do actually have fun and learn. Different kids progress differently, in terms of when they will learn this or that, but in the end everyone will learn almost the same thing. So these tools that Learning Vessels has provided is quite useful and good to actually help them, such as in developing their motor skills.

Krystal and family!


Son playing with ducky toy

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