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Why did you decide to join Building Blocks?

I wanted to find alternative ways of engaging him other than using a device.

With the kit items provided, I have more things that I can engage him with.

How was your experience with

Building Blocks?

The kit items are have varied educational uses (phonics, visual skills etc) . There’s this peg board set which he has to build up. As it comes in different colours, I will ask him to pass me pegs of certain colours. From there, I realised that he doesn’t differentiate between the purple and the blue pegs. Also, he counted from 1 to 4 and then jumped to 6. This was a good way for me to gauge his learning progress and the items also develop fine motor and numeracy skills. 

He liked the shapes of the animal puzzles and he learnt to recognise the animals and to differentiate the different parts visually.

There are also useful videos to guide me on how to use the kit items. The items gave me an idea of what kind of other toys or items I can get him to further develop the skills he has learnt.


Ethan playing with the animal puzzles

Any personal thoughts about the programme?

Building Blocks helped me find out more about my son, such as what attracts him, his likes and dislikes, his strengths and his interests.

The programme was useful because I participated during the circuit breaker; it was a lifesaver! Like there’s nothing to do at home and you can’t go out, so it was a very good tool to engage my kid with. The toys, I have to say, saved my life for a few days [laughs], so I was very grateful.


Ethan's favourite - Fish and cooking set!

Any advice for future participants?

Use the programme and items provided as tools to explore your child’s personality, understand your child and from there try to nurture them educationally.

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