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Why did you decide to join Building Blocks?

I was really keen on trying out the educational resources and learning strategies.

I'm also keen on helping out in any way to improve kids' learning in general.

How was your experience with Building Blocks?

The toys provided were eye-opening, especially the lacing cheese, which engaged my young ones for a long period. Even my 18 month old! The videos shared deepened my understanding of reading strategies such as phonemic awareness in a multi-sensory manner. Eg A for apple (with a hand gesture).

It also raised a personal awareness within me to dedicate some quality time with each of my kids despite having many of them around.

What are some creative ways of using

the Early Literacy Starter kit?

The kids work with the pegs on their own to do colour sorting, and compete to build the tallest tower, while I introduced my 4 yo to using the pegs for colour pattern sequencing. I also got my daughter to arrange the alphabet cards in order on the floor while reading out each card, so she could get some kinaesthetic input.

Any advice for future participants?

Ultimately, I think the best learning is when we adults simply make time for our kids and interact with them. So the tools and toys in the kits come in handy, not just for free play, but to use them to engage WITH our kids. So hopefully, parents out there will remember this as they go through these absorbing years of the parenting journey.

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