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How was your experience with Building Blocks?

We really enjoyed playing with the various items in the kit and talking about them or adding them to our existing stuff (e.g. we used the cooking utensils with our own 'masak masak' set).

My kid enjoyed the tin of animal puzzles the most (with the chopping board a close second!).

I also appreciate that it wasn't a rigid programme so we could take things at our own pace.

What are some creative ways of using

the Early Literacy Starter kit?

We jumbled all the animal puzzle pieces together and grouped them

in different ways - numbers, body parts etc.

Personal thoughts about Building Blocks ?

I really appreciate the effort of the team in putting this together, especially during the COVID19 period. It was truly a lifesaver when we were all stuck at home during the circuit breaker and beyond.

Advice for future participants

For future participants, I would encourage you to just go with the flow. For most of the different sets of kit items, I would just put the set where my kid would definitely find it and let the child explore first... and see what they come up with!

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