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Programmes for Children


Intervention-Based Learning Programme

The ILP is a weekly 1-hour intervention-based and Numeracy programme offered on a private tutoring basis. 


It has been designed to benefit children with learning difficulties like dyslexia and developmental delay, as well as neurotypical children.  We aim for the child to achieve literacy and numeracy standards needed to enjoy learning in primary school. 

Trained ILP teachers will employ the same individualized, heavily multi-sensory approaches used in ELP to teach the child reading, writing and mathematics. Lesson plans are customised for each child based on gaps identified in our tests. Each child is taught at a 1 teacher : 1 student, maximum 1:2 ratio In short, the ILP will offer intervention-like lessons at affordable rates. 


Range of activities within an hour: 

  • Memory exercises and games 

  • Phonemic awareness exercises 

  • Learning letter names, sounds and blending 

  • Learning sight words 

  • Reading a book per lesson 

  • Learning foundational math concepts using manipulative-based approaches (counting, pattern recognition, addition, subtraction and multiplication)

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