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Are your children

spending too much

time on devices?


Are you searching for ways to engage your child productively, even for just 15 minutes a day?

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Do you want to give your toddler’s language skills a boost, and help build his/her reading foundations for the schooling years ahead?

Do you wonder if other parents have the same questions as you?

Building Blocks is a pilot home-based parents outreach programme by Temasek Foundation and Learning Vessels. It aims to share evidence-based parenting tips, with a hands-on focus, for parents with children aged up to 3 years.    

Early Literacy

at Home

We are calling for parents of children aged 1-3 to join the second run of Building Blocks’ “Early Literacy” programme, which will help you learn and practise techniques to enhance your child’s early literacy skills.


This programme:

  • will be conducted entirely online through a closed Facebook community,

  • with materials sent to your home, and

  • is accessible at your own time.

What is Early Literacy?

Early literacy involves the development of pre-reading skills, usually before the child starts formal schooling (*i.e. K1).  These “emergent literacy” skills include alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness, print knowledge, vocabulary and oral language.


Emergent literacy skills build a foundation for learning (reading and writing) that is important for your child’s subsequent language and cognitive development. To help the child develop these skills, parents can put in place a literacy-rich environment filled with meaningful activities. Active involvement and support from caregivers will also help the child understand, practise, and improve on these skills.



Building Blocks’ second run of its “Early Literacy” programme is open to parents or caregivers of children aged 1-3. We are recruiting for 500 programme participants.

You can register your interest here from 14 September 2020. We will inform you in October 2020 whether you have been
accepted into the Programme.

For participants accepted into the programme:


You will be asked to join a closed Facebook community of parents/caregivers with children in the same age group.


A free starter kit worth $65 (items shown in images below) will be sent to your home. We estimate that the kits will be sent out in November 2020.

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final poster pics-03.png
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final poster pics-04.png
final poster pics-01.png


As a member of this community, you will also be welcome to share your own experiences and ideas with other parents in the group.


Finally, participants that complete a detailed questionnaire will receive a second add-on kit.


You will be asked to view videos that will demonstrate how the kit items can be best used with your children to enhance their emerging literacy (reading) skills.

Free downloadables and tips will be shared and online workshops will be offered for parents who want to learn more. Topics covered include enhancing vocabulary, building early phonological awareness and shared book reading.

This content will be provided progressively over a period of 7 weeks from late October – mid December 2020 for you to access at your own time.

For any questions, email us at:

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