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Learning Vessels is also working with Singapore Anglican Community Services to provide our kits to mothers who, despite facing challenging circumstances and limited support, want to help their children with their reading foundations.

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You can impact another parent in Singapore by gifting a kit - this is how it works:

  • Learning Vessels has pre-identified a number of families that can benefit from the Kit. These are families where the mothers value the importance of education and want to help her child/children, but don’t know how to.

  • You can purchase a kit for one of these families at half price ($29.50).  A donor will cover the remaining cost.

  • You can leave a message of encouragement when you make the purchase.

  • Upon your gift-a-kit purchase, Learning Vessels will prepare a special card with your message and deliver the kit to the family for free!

These mothers recognize that literacy is one of the most important skills they can equip a child with, as it enables their child to engage in academic and independent learning later. This is a critical need to help families break out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

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