As mothers, we feel a constant pressure for our children to be heavily enriched and "prepared" in their pre-school and schooling years.  We often have to remind ourselves not to be overwhelmed by the "enrichment rat race" that is so predominant here in Singapore.

With the intense competition, children in lower income families who cannot afford enrichment have a more unequal start; we find that many are unable to read fluently or to count to 20 before they start Primary 1.  To address this, we worked with partner charities and volunteers to provide intervention-based literacy and numeracy programmes for 6-8-year olds.  We also developed thematic, hands-on learning activities for primary schoolers. These programmes and others, under EDIS Cares, have impacted over 400 underprivileged children to-date.


We created Learning Vessels to offer quality learning programmes and products, built from our experience working with many different families, to children and caregivers.  We are applying our combined expertise in literacy intervention, scientific research, programme development and provision to do so.  Profits from these efforts will go towards longer-term support for our charity programmes, which we continue to run as operating partners for EDIS Cares.  

Sharon is an Educational Therapist. She started her teaching career as an NIE-trained teacher and later specialized in Dyslexia Intervention through Dyslexia Action UK.  She has taught for over 13 years, with the majority of her teaching career focused on remediating underachieving children, or those diagnosed with learning difficulties like specific language disorder and dyslexia. She is a gifted educator and has been able to help many children learn to read and spell successfully, even getting As, despite their learning challenges. Sharon has two daughters. Her greatest joy, besides her family, is to see the children she teaches get their “ah ha!” moment when things fall into place and they begin to read!

After completing her degree in Biochemistry in National University of Singapore, April started work in A*STAR's Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology. She then trained in in-vivo pharmacology in a biotech company in Paris before returning to Singapore to complete her PhD in Biological Sciences at NUS under an A*STAR staff scholarship. She worked as a post-doctoral researcher in Genome Institute of Singapore before joining Hsin-Ee at EDIS to expand its programmes, in particular the ELP, to multiple charities in Singapore. April was responsible primarily for the start-up and operational oversight of a ELP site in Bukit Merah, and co-developed teaching materials for the children. April is a mother of two boys and a 4 year-old girl.

Hsin-Ee completed her undergraduate degree at Carnegie Mellon University on an Economic Development Board (EDB) scholarship. Thereafter she worked for over 10 years at EDB and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). She joined EDIS in 2014 to start the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility effort, EDIS Cares. As part of this, she developed charity-based programmes for underprivileged children, which have since impacted over 400 children. She has focused particularly on the Early Learning Programme, where she co-developed curriculum and materials, trained volunteers, and tested and taught children from underprivileged families. Hsin-Ee is trained in supporting children with reading and math difficulties, and has 3 active boys.

Hwee Ching completed her degrees in Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Business at the University of Pennsylvania on an EDB scholarship. After 2.5 years at the EDB, she was supported by A*STAR for her PhD studies at Cambridge University. She has worked in academic institutions and multinational pharmaceutical companies. Hwee Ching first taught children during her school days, while volunteering with Chaoyang School and a CDAC centre. Then, she had a cursory understanding that some children learned differently and felt inadequate when teaching them. Now, as the mother of a preschooler, she better appreciates how we learn differently even as adults. She hopes to use her experiences to help children overcome their learning limitations and realise their full potential.




Our Young(er) People

Min Chon is a passionate youth who has spent several years volunteering for underprivileged children and elderly. He is a pioneer member of Project Refresh!, a nation wide initiative to freshen up the living environment of low-income families. He is also an executive member of SGExams, the largest online student community in Singapore. He will be pursuing a Bachelors in Business Administration in NUS and hopes to apply his wide expertise to improving the lives of many under Learning Vessels.

Farah trained in Visual Communications and Business Management. She has experience teaching preschoolers and older children in academic and sports programmes. She manages our marketing and social media efforts, supports the development of new teaching materials, and runs her own business designing original paper prints! She is excited to be contributing her skills and experience to Learning Vessels and hopes to impact more children.

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